How Can I Help My Child Focus On Homework: Expert Advice

When children start going to school, they face plenty of changes in comparison to kindergarten. The major difference is that they have to do lots of homework. It’s difficult for children to focus on their assignments when there are so many interesting things and activities around. However, you may help your child concentrate on home tasks. Here are some useful tips that you should follow.

  1. 1. Show a good example.
  2. Children should understand that doing home assignments is important. Do your own “home tasks” related to your job in front of your children. They tend to copy the actions of their parents, so if they see that you take your work seriously, they will also try to focus on their assignments better.

  3. 2. Organize a proper work place.
  4. When children don’t have a regular and well organized workplace, it’s no wonder that they get distracted from doing homework. You should give your child a separate room where he or she will work. Tell your kid to keep textbooks, papers, pencils and other necessary things in order.

  5. 3. Don’t let your child to be distracted.
  6. There are lots of factors that might distract your child from doing home tasks. The major distracters are television and various devices like mobile phones and tablets. Tell your kid to switch off anything that might be a source of distraction. Sometimes children need computers to deal with some tasks, so you shouldn’t turn it off. However, make sure that your child uses a computer properly and doesn’t play games or watches funny videos.

  7. 4. Set a homework time.
  8. You should establish some rules related to a time for doing home tasks. For example, tell your kids to do their home assignments after returning from school and having a little rest. They shouldn’t go to see their friends or engage in other activities before they deal with their tasks. This will teach your kids discipline and make them understand that they cannot always do what they want.

  9. 5. Give your kids rewards.
  10. A good way to motivate children to do their home assignments is to reward them for successfully completed tasks. Think about the rewards which will really please your kid. For example, you may take your child to a zoo after a week of diligent work or think about smaller daily rewards.

  11. 6. Help your children.
  12. Often children don’t want to do their homework, because they don’t understand assignments clearly. You should help your kids and do some tasks together in such cases. After a while they will see that home assignments aren’t that complicated and scary. Also, you can always contact and get expert assistance for cheap.

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