How To Deal With Your Homework Load: Tips For High School Students

Homework is created for a reason. It’s a good way of registering what you’ve learned during the day. The repetitive exercises prepare your memory muscles to remember it for a long time. After all, you need to be knowledgeable to get ahead in life. Knowledge makes you wise. Your cognitive abilities improve exponentially. Knowledge and wisdom are good indicators of highly successful people. History is fraught with people who acquired knowledge, became wise and went on to do much greater things in life.

But all these still don’t make doing homework a pleasurable experience. Students are receptive to any tips or suggestions offered to them as a way of alleviating the anxiety and frustration caused by homework overload. Put together in this document are some of them. One or more of them in combination can be effective in managing stress caused by homework overload.

  1. 1) Location, location, location: Make sure the place where you choose to do your daily homework is free of clutter, less noisy and well lit. If it's daytime, make sure there’s plenty of natural light.

  2. 2) Set achievable milestones: Name the milestones and define each one of them by a timeframe. Write them down in your personal notepad and tick them off one by one as you accomplish each.

  3. 3) Organize your tasks: Break down your homework into tasks each day and name them in the order that you would like to follow. Make a member in your family hold you accountable for completing them.

  4. 4) Tackling with friends: The whole is greater than the sum of parts. Tougher subjects can be made easier to learn by studying them with a group of friends.

  5. 5) Carrot and stick: Pat yourself on your back by rewarding yourself for reaching each milestone or task. You can do it internally and ask one of your family members to be the boss.

  6. 6) Lots of breaks: Studies have shown that productivity increases exponentially when people take breaks every half an hour. Make sure you at least get up from your seat to enable blood circulation.

It goes without saying that creating a regimen by taking the above actions requires a disciplined mind. Perhaps that can also make you a more disciplined person in life. But with sheer determination and patience you will get there. Final words, discipline, determination and patience are virtues. Practice them!

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