How To Deal With Your Physics: Useful Hints To Make The Learning Process Easier

Physics is one interesting subject as it reveals many mysteries about the nature and its ways. Students can find the subject very fascinating because it helps answer many of their questions that bother them since early age. When I first learned about gravity and friction, I could not help but practice it all day long on various objects and the relating it to what I read in theory. This made my interest stronger and I wanted to know more about the hidden wonders of nature and the forms of energy that exist around us. Unlike other subjects, physics is not about some theoretical experiences that you will never see in your everyday life. Each concept that you learn, you can apply it to your daily routine and carry out experimentation at home to see if the theory was right. This will make the subject more fun and you will do my physics homework easier.

For example, if you recently studied the definition of speed and the formula to find it, you can easily practice this at your home or backyard. Take a stopwatch to note the time and a ruler to measure the distance covered. You need to know these two variables, if you want to know the speed of an object travelling.

S= DXt

In this formula, S represents speed while D stands for distance covered and t stands for time taken. You will be at least well aware of the representative for time because it is used repeatedly in various subjects and formulae.

Take a plain paper chart and draw the distance measurement with the help of a ruler. Make prominent points for 5, 10, 15, and 20 and so on meters or inches whatever you want to measure. Take a toy car or an object that can move when you push it or press a button. Leave this object on the cardboard with measurements on it. Remember to keep the stopwatch in your hand and start it as soon as the object starts moving from point zero and stop it, when the object stops at a certain point let’s say 20 inches.

Now you will have two values, let us assume that the distance covered was 20 inches and the time taken was 25 seconds. You need to multiply both these values to get the value of speed of the object.

If you use the same method for all new concepts you learn, it will be fun and easy to grasp new concepts.

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