How To Develop Good Homework Habits: Tips & Tricks

Unfortunately, as long as you are in school, you will have homework. There have been so many studies that refute the effectiveness of the homework system as it exists but it still reigns high on the to-go list of students. It is the way that you turn all of the “stuff” you teacher has been talking about into knowledge. It has been proven that a person retains so much more information when they actually practice something over reading about it or seeing it. You can’t learn how to shoot a foul shot by simply reading about it.

There are some ways that you can improve this part of your learning experience. It isn’t easy because after a long day in class you want to do just about anything instead of doing your homework. You are not alone. Most people would opt out of this responsibility in a heartbeat. Since it isn’t going anywhere, here are some tips and tricks to help you develop some good homework habits so that it becomes less like a chore.

Tips & Tricks

  • Find a quiet spot
  • There should be a place where you complete your homework every day. Make it like a desk or anywhere that is comfortable to sit at so that your legs don’t go numb but uncomfortable enough to keep you awake. If you do your homework on a couch in front of the television or in your bed, your body tends to relax and you will be less productive. I usually sit almost completely comfortable but maybe with a little discomfort and I plan to adjust the position once I finish this section of homework. It just keeps you motivated a little.

  • Prepare your space
  • This is going to be your permanent spot and it should be free of clutter and packed with everything that you may need. Your designated spot should have a calculator, dictionary, thesaurus, some extra pencils, and anything else you may need.

  • Don’t procrastinate
  • The longer you postpone your homework, the longer it will take to complete. It is best just to get it done right after school. The information is fresher in your brain and as the night progresses, you will be less and less motivated to complete it or will tend to rush through it which will make it harder to do well on.

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