7 Good Homework Tips That Can Save Your Time

Pressed for time? Feeling more like scrolling through Facebook posts? More interested in that movie on Friday night with your friends, than that five page paper? Here are seven tips that can save you time.

  1. Create a dedicated workspace. If you are always trying to find a place to do your homework, you are wasting time when you could actually be completing assignments. The Kitchen table, bedroom desk, library kiosk – wherever you choose – make it your dedicated space.

  2. Keep your workspace clean. Preferably the night before, but definitely before you start your homework. I know the saying is “A cluttered desk is the sign of genius” but it is not conducive to getting anything done in a timely manner. Start out clean and fresh, you will get more done in a timely manner.

  3. Make a ‘To Do” list and prioritize your assignments – by importance, or due date, or graded weight, however you decide, but get it recorded so that you can keep track of what is due when and you can check it off when it is completed. If you know what you are doing at the start, you are more efficient and waste less time trying to figure out what to do first or next.

  4. Make sure you have what you need. Spending time looking for pens, pencils, paper, your books is not productive. Gather your materials before you get started, and it will be easier to stay on track and get finished faster.

  5. Work when you are most productive. If you are a morning person, get your assignments done in the morning. If you are a night owl, do them in the middle of the night. What is most important is that you work when you are at your best. You will be more motivated and get my homework done in a shorter amount of time.

  6. Stay focused. If you need absolute silence, don’t try to do your assignments with the TV or the radio playing. If you go to sleep, as opposed to work when it is too quiet, don’t pick the library to do your homework. Turn off the video games and your cell phone and concentrate on the tasks at hand. If you are distracted, you are not working at full capacity, and that means everything takes longer than it should.

  7. Make time for fun! “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy!” it also makes for an unhappy student. Tell yourself that for every hour of work you complete, you will spend 10 minutes on Facebook or Twitter or texting with your friends. Or for every assignment you finish, you will call a friend or post a selfie on Instagram. Whatever makes you happy – treat yourself. It will break up the time and ultimately make you more productive.

And don’t forget to reward yourself for a well-done job!

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