Basic Strategies For Assigning Homework In Elementary School

“Home assignments are hell and I hate them”

This is the typical sentence used by hundreds of students all over the world. Majority of students hate homework. We should plan new strategies to make it more interesting, useful, and appropriate for students and parents as well.

Pros and cons of giving home assignments

It is a vast topic and a lot of documentation and research can be found on it. A number of cases are listed who say, students should not be overburdened with the home assignments. On the other hand, advantages of giving these assignments are also found. Some school of thoughts believes that it is healthy to recall or reinforce the class work. Reinforce actually refers for repetitive task. The purpose of reinforcement is to make students familiar with the class work, to develop the concept, idea, and understanding.

What is actually wrong with it?

Why do students lack interest? In addition, run away from doing home tasks? The only answer is they find it boring, they have other priorities, they do not find it interesting rather find it useless or a stress on mind. Some students complete their home tasks only to impress their teachers. Students and parents sacrifice on their sleep hours to complete their work. Sometimes some parents think they do not give proper attention to their kids and do not involve in kids activities. One thing should always be kept in mind that home tasks result in producing disciplined minds.

Elementary school strategies

Elementary schools: this stage includes kids between the ages of 4-11. This age group is very sensitive and they totally follow parent’s actions. It would be helpful if you could become a role model for them; you should encourage them to study and should read many books in front of them

Know your kids and the teacher

Try to seek what do they both want? Visit school more often and meet the teacher to know the homework policies. Then see, what your kid wants.

Guide kids in planning

Majority of students at this age cannot plan well. They find it hard to divide and organize the work. They always look for help. What you could do is, help them in dividing the work in chunks. Assign a proper time to each chunk. Help them is setting priorities for different subjects.

No distractions at all

The study area should be free of all kind of distractions. You should specify a clean area and should contain all necessary equipment. Like geometry box, colors and scissors etc.

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