Why Homework Can Lead To Stress And How To Avoid That

Homework can be stressful because a) there’s a lot of it and b) it’s imperative to get it all done within a certain amount of time and usually not a lot of time! It is, however, essential to try and avoid this stress because it can often reduce the quality of your homework! Here are some key tips on how to do just that.

  • Make a plan
  • Feeling prepared for anything and everything is a well-known way to reduce the stress of a situation. The first thing you must do, therefore, in order to tackle your homework, is to make a schedule. Write down everything that you must do, either in a list form or as a timetable (this is often better as you can see how much time everything should take), and then calculate, realistically, how long it will all take. It is essential you give yourself enough time to complete each task in front of you. If you only allow yourself an hour for an essay, for instance, and it then takes longer to complete, the whole plan is put off and you will feel even more stressed than before!

  • Take breaks - often and for a short amount of time
  • It is also important to add in regular breaks into your plan because otherwise your brain will not have chance to relax and recharge between different pieces of work. It is best to schedule in breaks between each couple of pieces of homework. Take five minutes to make a cup of tea or a snack, or send a quick email or watch a quick video online. Do not take hour-long breaks: you simply do not need that much time off! Your brain will thank you for just five or ten minutes every couple of hours.

  • Make things more enjoyable
  • If you’re having fun, you’re not getting stressed! Find ways to challenge yourself and enjoy yourself as you’re completing your homework. Perhaps time yourself completing exercises for maths and then try to beat that time. (Remember to check your answers and not to rush and make silly mistakes!) Give yourself a jelly bean or other sweet treat for each paragraph of an essay that you write. Do anything you can think of to make your work more enjoyable because as soon as you start enjoying your homework, it will show in the quality of your work and your grades will reflect it.

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