How To Deal With Design Technology Homework Assignments

Design Technology is the study of usage of computer or non-computer based systems for expressing communication in a pictorial, graphical or scripted format. Design technology students have to maintain a high level of understanding of the subject to be communicated and the correct medium to be used for it, which makes the subject dynamic and challenging. When it comes to homework a student has multiple options to get the results unlike other subject until and unless the professor demands a certain fixed approach to it. Now dealing with such kind of homework both dynamic and specific requires patience and time management. However planning and using the correct approach might help in dealing with the homework with ease.

  • Going back to the books:
  • Given the homework is static in nature or the professor want a particular method to be followed then a quick look and reference to the text book doesn’t do much harm. The text book is a good method of understanding the steps involved and the conclusion required.

  • Using Bullet points:
  • A flowchart or a step chart is helpful in figuring out how to approach a topic. If the steps of a technique are laid down then it becomes quite easy to figure out what to write next. This ensures two things first, no important points are missed or no step to the answer is missing. Secondly, how much to ponder over each point and figuring out which requires more attention. Using of a flowchart ensures a complete assignment with minimum mistakes.

  • Referring to other digital technology assignments:
  • Digital technology is a dynamic subject to a large extent hence referring to digital assignments done by seniors or others in the field is highly recommended. If the student is doing a full time residential course then approaching seniors for their old assignments would be of great help. This would lead to networking with seniors are ensuring extra support from them.

  • Library:
  • Digital library (the internet) or the physical library is one of the major sources for information gathering. The digital one being the most preferred ensures help from across the nations in the field. A student just has to have himself registered in the online forums working in the subject. Some websites do charge a joining fee for the forums but one can always use the trial sessions to understand whether the forum has something different to offer for digital technology or not before taking a subscription. The physical library is instrumental for understanding the theory of the subject in a better way.

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