Tips For Students- College Vs High School Homework

When you are making the transition from high school to college, it is good to have an idea of what the new homework load will be like. It is a great way to prepare yourself and start to get an idea of what kind of time you will need to devote to it.


  • More independence
  • You will have more independence in college. You won’t get the deadline requests like you did in high school. You will just hand in a final paper instead of having to hand in a rough draft and an outline and all that stuff.

  • More reading
  • College will require you to do more reading as well. You will likely have double the amount of reading if not more. The teacher isn’t going to point out the parts that you should know by passing out a study guide either, so it is very important for you to actually read through it.

  • Less direction
  • You will not get as much direction in your college classes. You will listen to a lecture and will be expected to take notes or remember the information. The teacher won’t necessarily point out what you should know for the exam. They let you know what is due and don’t really pester you if you don’t hand it in. You will just have to deal with the failed grade because you failed to do the work.

  • Weigh more on overall grade
  • Most of the time, you will find that your homework in college weighs more in your overall grade then the homework assignments in high school. Therefore, it will be more important for you to do your homework in college than it was with high school. You will likely fail the class if you fail to do the work.

High school

  • In line with what is taught in class
  • Your high school work is more likely in line with what you learned in class that day. When you get to college and you have class a couple times a week. The assignments are more of an extension on the information that you learned in class.

    You will be able to continue a lot of your methods in college that you use in high school if you were consistently completing your assignments. You will likely write a bunch more papers, so you should make sure that you master the essay.

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