Geography Homework: The Main Do's And Don'ts For Dummies

If you are in college and you major in Geography, then chances are you will have to do a Geography dissertation. To complete this homework properly, there are a lot of things and a lot of information to consider. When considering everything, remain calm and focus on everything that will help you write a successful research paper that gets to the point and can be backed up with other work that compliment it.

The Main Do's
  • It is important for all students working on a dissertation to set the right motivations and know how to achieve them.
  • You need to know how to select acceptable research methods
  • You need to be sure that you find enough sources for your homework
  • You need to plan out how to better manage your project
  • You need to try using different kinds of techniques to display your level of knowledge
  • You also need to find ways to support all of your points

  • Don't forget to take the time and choose an advisor
  • Don't forget to select a topic and run it by your advisor for approval
  • Don't forget to write out a good proposal and get it approved by the dissertation committee
  • Don't forget to create your timetable and make sure that you have enough time to assemble and analyze the information
  • Don't forget to create an outline that you love and stick to it because chances are the first one is the right one, and it keeps you from second guessing yourself. Once you start to do that, then you end up second guessing everything you do and makes for a confusing research assignment
  • Don't forget to write out everything and edit as you go in order to be sure that everything makes sense and has the right punctuations
  • Don't forget to try and meet all of your deadlines because that can make or break the effect of what kind of grade you receive

There are two types of geography dissertations that can be chosen to present a great research project. The first is a field-based geography dissertation which means the project is based on an analysis of primary data such as observations, interviews, surveys and many more. The second is a desk-based geography dissertation which means the project deals with secondary data such as maps, tv programs, films, archives, government reports and many more.

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