How To Get Kids To Do Homework: 5 Quick Tips

Doing homework is what makes children train their skills and have a grasp of school material. Children succeed better if they feel the everyday support of their parents.

You should realize that you don’t have to control every written word or figure. Express your attention and concern, show your kind attitude and respect to thoughts and feelings of your child. However, do not neglect the balanced strictness and keep an eye open all the time in order to prevent the arising of problems.

Children provided with the motive why their attempts are of importance do not need to be controlled all the time and do assignments themselves. They know that parents trust them. In this case, children do tasks maybe not always correctly, but attentively, they have adequate reaction on remarks and mistakes, and, what is important, are able to overcome difficulties and not to give up.

Below are some recommendations that will help you encourage your children to do homework without problems:

  1. Arrange a convenient working environment.
  2. Children should have favorable conditions for effective work. Be sure your child sits in a comfortable chair, in a comfortable position and has all the important things he or she needs to be productive at work (pens, pencils, rulers etc.)

  3. Decide on the time for studies and rest.
  4. One of the important points that make your child work attentively is a good rest. First of all, give him or her time to relax and recover after classes. Decide on the time for homework taking into consideration the biological rhythms of your child. Some children are more active in the evening, while for others their favorable time is in the afternoon. Stick to that schedule. It will discipline your child.

  5. Be fair, ready to help and proud of your kid.
  6. Parents are people whom children implicitly trust. They must be sure that you will lend a helping hand in the situations that cannot be solved on their own. But they must do their homework individually. You can only assist and never punish. And do not ignore achievements, because a compliment from the nearest person is the best reward.

  7. Control the process.
  8. Reduce the impact of anything that could keep child’s attention away from their assignments – turn off the radio, computer, TV-set, take away a mobile phone or a tablet. Do not forget to check the work your kid has done, so that they could correct mistakes and receive explanation if necessary.

  9. Be in touch with the schoolmaster.
  10. One of the best ways to be aware of the school life of your child is to contact his or her teacher. Don’t miss school meetings, they will let you know what teachers think of your child. You will also know their requirements and that will make the process of doing homework easier and more effective.

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