How To Focus On Homework When You Are Depressed: Basic Tips

Each term throughout your education, there will be a new essay, thesis or dissertation to write. These will involve doing research, drafting copies, proofreading and typing your final copy. Every student struggles and gets demotivated sometimes! These tips will help you in settling in sooner to student life.

  • Prioritize and organize. If you can delegate, then leave it. Don’t be bullied into thinking you have no time for going to that party and attending that event and going to that after class group and completing this when you do. Write a list of when everything has to be handed in and tape it somewhere obvious. You know your limits. Don’t be afraid to allow yourself relaxation time, to collect yourself and regroup. If there is an essay or dissertation that needs research this term, then separate that research time into half an hour chunks. Don’t be distracted by emails and social media. Need to write your thesis? Then do so and forget abut it for a couple of days; proofread later.

  • There are sources you can use online from freelance writers to freelance companies. These can reduce your workload for low costs; don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you are not comfortable with footing the bill for homework help, then contact your student support that your college or school provides for you. These will offer friendly and confidential support. Additionally turn to your friends, study and support each other together. An informal setting can work wonders for working that bit faster, and you can still call this socialising too, so you aren’t missing out on any gossip or chat time!

  • De-clutter. It is proven the more ‘stuff’ you have around you, the more you are distracted and have a reason to slack. Whether that be people, snacks or general bedroom mess, get rid of it if it isn’t allowing you to work to your full potential. Otherwise, if you can work in a busy and fast environment carry on with what you’re doing.

  • Reward yourself. Whatever is going to motivate you, dangle that like a proverbial carrot on a stick in front of you.

Breathe deep and imagine the end goal: completing a term successfully with great grades or that dream job! Have that in sight. If you really do start to feel under pressure and unable to perform, you may feel the need to talk to your tutor(s) and see if they can lessen your workload. This isn’t weakness; this is not going beyond your limits and listening to what your body is telling you. There is no need to push yourself until you burn out. Life is for having some fun, too!

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