Dealing With Problems In Homework: Suggestions From An Expert

Homework issues have always been a reason of eternal headache for both the parents and the children alike. It is like a never-ending tug-of-war fought between the parents and kids and the matter keep getting worse by the days. The faster life gets aided by the technical revolutions, and harder economic times demanding both the parents to be working, giving enough time to the child and coaxing him or her with their homework seems to be a hugely exasperating task.

However the problem may not be so much with itself but the child’s perspective towards the same. The refusal to cooperate with homework may be an off-shoot of their disciplinary problems. However, with little patience and time, even the most difficult child and be persuaded into doing homework regularly and enjoying it even. The following are the few suggestions that experts swear by and you can apply them easily enough with your child:

  • - Reward them for good work: Nothing works like a small token of appreciation of the work done for the young minds. But be sure to keep this tokens simple and small and explain your child the difference between a reward and bribes to make them work or else they may get into the habit of asking for something in lieu of doing the task.

  • - Give breaks: Allow them small breaks in between study hours so they can relax. Continuous studying will only give headache-both to the child and you. Encourage them with recreational yet constructive works during these breaks.

  • - Encourage their extra-curricular activities: If your child has some extracurricular interests, encourage them in pursuing that. This will keep their mind relaxed which in turn will help in their concentration in studies and also homework.

  • - Do not constantly keep scolding or comparing with other children: If you are panicked about your ward’s homework, your child is likely to get even more hyper and tend to run away from this even more than ever before. Also comparing with other kids often poses a negative influence on most children so refrain from doing so.

  • - Understand your child’s limit and capacity: Give enough time to understand your child’s limits and capacity, his or her attitude towards a particular subject and treat him or her accordingly. Push your child towards perfection but not too hard that they get completely put-off from doing assignment homework.

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